How to Get a Philippines Marriage Visa

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Marriage outside of the United States with a non-U.S. citizen can bring many problems later on when you want to bring your wife or husband home with you. You will need to file a marriage visa petition on behalf of your spouse before he or she will be allowed to come to the United States to be with you. The Philippines marriage visa is a complicated process but with you can get a marriage visa much more quickly and easily.

The Marriage Visa Petition Process
• First, we will need to establish that you are a U.S citizen, that you have a Philippines marriage and that you have a genuine relationship with your spouse. We also need to prove that you are financially capable of supporting a spouse here in the United States. We can do all these by identifying and gathering all the necessary documents before filing the IR-1/CR-1 Immediate Relative Petition.
With our extensive experience in assisting couples get the Philippines marriage visa, we can make this experience trouble free for you at affordable prices. You also need not worry that you will miss an important requirement of the marriage visa for we will be with you to guide you every step of the way.

• Second, we can file the K3 visa petition for you as soon as the U.S. Citizen Immigration Services (USCIS) has accepted the CR-1 petition. The K-3 is a much faster visa to process but this is not really an immigrant visa.

• Once the petition has been approved by the USCIS, we can now proceed with filing of the foreign spouse visa. We can guide your spouse through this process and coach and prepare him or her for the interview. We will also make sure that all necessary documents are all organized made ready for submission before your spouse’s interview.

With our easy to use Website Interface, we can serve your wherever you are in the United States. We speak Tagalog for the Philippines, and we offer native language support to many other countries. We basically ensure that your spouse is ready to finish the Philippines marriage visa petition in Manila.
With our tried and tested methodology we guaranty a more affordable and convenient way for you to be reunited with your loved one in the United States. We can also help you with the next process of adjusting status as soon as your spouse arrives in the country.

So call us or email us now and let us help you start your married life here with your Philippines wife in the U.S. in the quickest and most straightforward way possible.

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